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Anonymous asked: Hitler ist leider der größte feldherr den es jemals gegeben hat !




"Hitler is unfortunately the greatest commander-in-chief there ever was!"

The only way that statement makes sense is if he was a deep-cover Allied Agent whose mission was to ensure Germany got their asses kicked. Because he did a pretty good job at that.

In retrospect he was a fantastic politician, pulling the entire nation out of a depression, building roadways, and doing something no politician has dared to do before…. Keep his promises xD

It is a very common thing to hear that, whatever his faults, “At least Hitler really improved things in the 1930s!” but the reality is that this really isn’t all that true. The Nazi government “fixed” things by engaging in MASSIVE spending, incurring a huge deficit. German debt was seen as so risky that foreign investors stopped buying it for the most part, leading to most of it being bought up by German banks instead.

And additionally, most of this spending was militaristic. Investing in heavy industry doesn’t bring down the price of bread! Spending on the plight of the average German citizen actually went DOWN, and even as unemployment was reduced through the 1930s, quality of life for the German worker actually decreased from the late 1920s on many metrics. 

The simple fact is that whatever improvements were coming about in Germany were a house of cards, kept alive by massive, unsustainable spending. A collapse was inevitable. Of course, the reason the Nazis didn’t care was because this was part of their long term plan to expand eastward, the assumption being that conquest would allow them to recoup their investment. 

Older sources like Shirer buy into the “Hitler improved things!” idea, but more recent scholarship has become pretty dismissive of the idea. I have yet to read it, but the most in-depth treatment of the German economy in that era would be Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze. It has been highly recommended to me in the past and currently sits on my reading list.

if theres one thing i hate with a burning passion its historical inaccuracy in original characters


French soldiers placing barbed wire in German No Man’s Land, WWI

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Captain Flora Sandes  the only British woman to serve as a front-line soldier in WW1


"Stay where you are. Stay exactly as you are, forever."

- Summer in February 2013

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Fashion Plate



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"Thought I’d get an extra ten minutes in before the gong goes."

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