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Capt. Vernon Castle with their mascot, c. 1920


Champs-Elysées vers 1910


Catalogue showing 1926 wedding fashions

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Greta Garbo as Anna Karenina in Love (1927)

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Vintage Biba Make Up

Goth trigger: great-grandmother’s vamp look.

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Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Marie-Antoinette

During a state visit to France in 1896 Alexandra was drew by the figure of Marie Antoinette. The President of the French Republic, Emile Loubet during a state visit to Russia in 1902 brought with him as a gift to the Empress, this famous painting by Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun painting in 1787 which shown Marie Antoinette and her three children. Alexandra hung the painting in her formal reception room in the Alexandre Palace, just in front of her desk. Maybe Alexandra felt related to the late Queen of France by their informality, both hated in their adoptive country, aspiring to be cut from the intrigues of the Court. We can also considerate the fact that the concept of “Queen Martyr” was very much appealing to Alexandra who already was inclined to fatalism.

But I would like to say that they were two very different women in very different times.

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The Russian imperial family in 1912. Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra walk down the stairs with Tsarevich Alexei, followed by Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia.

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Princess Augusta Victoria of Hohenzollern, 1901


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